Music Review: Aaja Nachle


Film: Aaja Nachle

Director: Anil Mehta

Producer: Aditya Chopra

Music Director: Salim Sulaiman

Lyrics: Jaideep Sahni

Rating: 2/5

It’s advisable to expect the unexpected from filmi music these days. The more we tie hopes with them, the more disastrous they turn out to be. This policy would be apt in the case of Madhuri Dixit’s much touted comeback film – Aaja Nachle.

The film claims to be a musical drama but making very little sense of its music! It is difficult to comprehend the theme because of the obscure nature. The album falls flat on grounds like lack of innovative lyrics, weak sequences, mismatch of singers… the list is interminable.

Aaja Nachle’s title track is the only decent track in the album with reasonably sound music. Singing sensation Sunidhi Chauhan lives to her level of perfection and versatility. The lyrics penned by Jaideep Sahni who did a brilliant job with Chak De’s line up, sounds a tad bit hum drum with this creation. One would want much more to be explored with a platform like this. The music woven by the duo, Salim-Sulaiman sounds good, but not great. The only saving grace can be Madhuri Dixit’s on screen presence.

Ishq Hua has individual elements, in the sense that the lyrics are swiftly flowing, the music in bits and pieces is soothing and the vocals of Sonu Nigam and Shreya Ghoshal have its own charm. But when all these are coalesced together, the end result is not very appealing. The song is not a well-packaged; a little more honing of composition would make a difference!

Show Me Your Jalwa is just about bearable. It’s not easy to digest two voluminous voices at one go (read Kailash Kher and Richa Sharma) It’s fast paced and has an Indian flavour though not everyone will get fascinated by this composition. The lyrics take time register. In bits, the vocalization sounds very attractive. But on the whole – strictly okay.

O Re Piya is a very gloomy track. Crooned by maestro of romantic songs, Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, the song is not bang on. Though the lyrics are fine with an equally good music, the song will take time to grow on you. Also, it is unduly long which might just put someone to catch some Z’s!

Soniye Mil Ja is not bad. Sukhwinder Singh, Sunidhi Chauhan and Madhuri get together to jam this track. The transitions are well managed and suit the music. The theme is intact, for a change. Except for Madhuri’s narrative seems forced, the song is carried well. The chorus has a zing to it. After Aaja Nachle, this is another good composition from the stack!

Sonu Nigam and Shreya Ghoshal’s Is Pal is just another lovey-dovey track which doesn’t stand out for any reason. The lyrics sound very monotonous and have nothing new to offer. The music is just about okay. This track doesn’t come close to a good composition.

Koi Maare Se Na Maare doesn’t sound original because of its title. Also, it has a weak composition. Sonu, Shreya and Sunidhi fail to save this one. Only if you want to waste your time listening to a not-so-happening track, go ahead with this one!

Dance With Me is like those typical theme tracks from the Yashraj stable. It sounds quite hip, sung by Sonia Saigal and lyrics by Asif Ali Beg.

All in all, this album falls flat in living up to its expectations. The onus is now on Madhuri to pump some life!