Music Review: Awarapan


Film: Awarapan

Director: Mohit Suri

Music Director: Pritam

Rating: 2.5/5

After last year’s release Woh Lamhe, Mohit Suri is back with his new venture, Awarapan. Pritam, who had composed the music for Woh Lamhe, has been retained for this film as well.

Mustafa Zaid croons Toh Phir Aao and is heard not once but thrice in this album. This song is offered in various versions, including a lounge track and a remix. With Sayeed Quadri penning the lyrics, you know the song is bound to be packed with great intensity. Disappointingly though, the song is no different from similar sounding scores you have been hearing in a lot of films lately.

While the lounge track and remix are monotonous, boring and are the least enrapturing of the lot, the original is by far the best version. Zaid’s voice in the original version is crystal clear. Sans the forced hoo-hah, his voice, the lyrics and the simplicity of the sounds create music that is worth hearing (only the original version!).

Certain songs in this album are so slow, that you almost know for certain that a remix will follow to make up for the pace; Tera Mera Rishta is one such, sung by Mustafa Zaid again. This one too has a remix version (luckily, just one). Zaid’s voice is melodious and this particularly makes the song a worthwhile play. The only part where the song becomes incomprehensible is the sudden change of music (that sounds inserted) and a voice that ‘ooh aahs’. Overall, this track is a good hum and if marketed well, can even go on to be a chartbuster.

Not surprisingly, DJ Suketu follows with a remix version of the song, and while it is nothing to hop to, it makes for a good hear like the original track.

Suzanne renders a peppy number called Mahiya. This track is a mixture of English and Hindi lyrics, resulting in a set of superficial words strung together. However, the beats and the pepped up voice make it a number you can shake a leg to. The remix version is far more club friendly than the original track. With its techno beats and flange, the remix has you nodding your head to the beat.

Maula Maula by Rafaqat Ali Khan is by far the best track in this entire album. This Sufi number is lyrical and delightfully deep. Rafaqat Ali Khan croons this slow paced song with great panache and the simple arrangements allow you to hear each word the singer renders. This is one of those tracks you can hear repeatedly, till you have it playing in your head and have the lyrics on your lips.

With just four tracks and four remixed versions, Awarapan is a decent offering. What clearly makes this album a worthy purchase are the tracks, Tera mera Rishta and Maula Maula. On the whole, a worthwhile buy.