Music Review: Bal Ganesh


Film: Bal Ganesh


Director: Pankaj Sharma


Producer: Shemaroo Entertainment


Music Director: Shamir Tandon          


Lyrics: Rajendra Mehra, Shabbir Ahmed, Vibha Singh,


Rating:  3.5/5


It’s packed with energy, spunk, melody and above all, maintains the sanctity of Lord Ganesha. That’s how one can attempt to describe Bal Ganesha’s music album. Contrary to ones expectations the collection is much beyond a mundane creation. New talent has been roped in to croon Shamir Tandon and Sanjay Dhakan’s compositions.


‘Ganaa ganaa di’ is a description of Lord Ganesha in the most modern and hip manner ever. Composed by Shamir, the beats are very peppy and enthusiastic. Along with the melody, the lyrics are an exception as well.   Shankar Mahadevan’s histrionics suit the music as well as the concept. Supporting the ace singer in this track are the Sa Re Ga Ma 2007 finalists Amaanat, Aneek and Nirupama…and they won’t disappoint you.


Asha Bhonsle’s melodious voice, Shamir’s prodigious composition and Sa Re Ga Ma finalists, Mouli, Junaid, Sumedha’s youthful vocals add value to ‘Ganaa ganaa di.’ Though it’s the same track, it’s on another level with singers rendering on a high pitch.


The album’s next is an audio treat. ‘Haathi Ka Bal, Akal, Shakal,’ has beautiful dulcet tones which will make one fall in love with Tandon’s composition. Sa Re Ga Ma Little Champ finalists Sanchita, Sameer, Pavni along with Ashok Pandit’s son Raj Pandit have sung the track together. The lyrics draw a comparison between Lord Ganesha and an elephant. But in some bits the variation in music doesn’t sound in sync. Nevertheless, kiddies are sure to fall for this one!


A musical form of story telling is certainly an arduous task. But with Hariharan behind the vocals, it seems effortless. The Ganesha tale which most of us have been listening to since childhood has been represented in this song with finesse. Sudhesh Bhonsle’s son Siddhant Bhonsle provides the vocals of a young kid and sounds extremely innocent. RJ Lavanya tests her singing skills for the first time and does a fine job.


Like Shamir, Sanjay Dhakan too creates high spirited music to suit the theme of the album. Kailash Kher can be slotted as the trendsetter for devotional music in another league altogether. The music is fast paced and the lyrics match up the level as well. 


Ganesh Utpati is a conventional religious song crooned by Hema Desai. It can be added in your collection of devotional sangeet.


A treat of legends, Asha Bhonsle and Usha Mangeshkar come together after 35 years to sing a Lord Ganesha song, Nanha Munha Bal Ganesh which is a very sweet sounding composition by Shamir. The music is not at all traditional, rather has English vocals.


Bal Ganesh is a breather from the usual Bollywood latkas and jhatkas. Kids, here’s your pick!