Music Review: Cash


Film: Cash

Director: Anubhav Sinha

Producer: Anubhav Sinha, Sohail Maklai and Anish Ranjan

Cast: Ajay Devgan, Zayed Khan, Riteish Deshmukh, Esha Deol, Shamita Shetty, Suniel Shetty, Dia Mirza

Lyrics: Vishal Dadlani and Panchhi Jalonvi

Music Director: Vishal – Shekar

Rating: 3/5

The duo Vishal – Shekar have been at providing upbeat numbers for quite some time now. Even in the not so happening film Ta Ra Rum Pum, they managed to score well with their music. Soon after the sore performer, Ta Ra Rum Pum the musical duo are back providing the music for Anubhav Sinha’s Cash, here’s only hoping that both the music and the film do well.

The title song Cash has been playing non stop on the radio and even on the various trailers for the film. Rendered by Sunidhi Chauhan and the composing duo, all this song does is pump a whole lot of sugar, to get you energetic enough to set the dance floor on fire. Chauhan does exceedingly well with the sensuous tone she provides the song, her voice stands out instantly. There is no head or tale to the song, its all about cash and making more, so don’t strain yourself expecting to hear poignant lines. If it’s all about grooving on the dance floor, then this song it is.

Mind Blowing Mahiya would have been rather dull if it were not for Chauhan crooning it, especially with tweaked up stress on the word mind blowing. Chauhan does well yet again in this Bhangra cum techno beat filled song. It is yet another track that is meant for you to dance the night away. Once you are on the floor and busy boogieing, the monotonous lack of lyrics really don’t hit you. All you gather from this song is the repetitive line Mind Blowing Mahiya, but then there is no complaining, as it proves to be a sensational dance number. Clearly this one is out to replace Dus Bahane and Door Se paas at the multiple discotheques.

It begins sounding something like Saaki and then all comparisons are lost in the rap that begins immediately. In Na Pucho, there is so much of noise that all you want to do is turn the volume down. RnB fused with loud vocals and a bit haiya re haiya re is what this song is all about. Crooned by Vishal and Chauhan, this song is not something you neither want to listen nor dance to. There’s the woodwind instrument plus the rap and the breaking out into some boatman tune, this one is no great hum.

If you are tired dancing already, Naughty Naughty by Anushka Manchanda will only ensure you burn off more calories. With great beats and Manchanda’s highly addictive voice this song makes for a great party number. Like all the other tracks, the lyrics take a beating.

Reham Kare is fluctuating track, alternating between a mid pace and a fast one. Sung by Chauhan yet again, this song is the only one that comes close to making some lyrical sense. Then of course it would be saying too much even for the indecipherable rap portions. This one is no great track, headed to nowhere. It begins well and then strays with excess, Reham Kare already.

The best party number in the entire album is Zara Bachke that begins with a great build up and soon is fed with fuses of Bhangra and Rap. There is a nice bouncy feel to the song, which makes it easy to dance to. Though it is heavily packed, the song does not turn to be noisy. Manchanda does well the second time around, with this song. This one if promoted well and intensely, it will be the new anthem playing at all the clubs.

Pumped with a heavy dose of adrenalin, the soundtrack of cash is a must buy if you intend to dance the night away. If you are looking for meaningful tracks to sit listening to, you are left with nothing.