Music Review: Delhi Heights

Film: Delhi Heights


Music Director: Rabbi Shergill

Lyrics: Rabbi Shergill



Delhi Heights is Rabbi Shergill’s first venture after his solo album Rabbi, which created a nation wide stir among music lovers. Delhi Heights too carries his unique stamp of semi-folk music, coupled with Western arrangements.


In Tune:


Dili Bas is an extremely hummable number, sung by Shergill himself, and bearsthe distinctive stamp of his trademark style.


Tere Bin, previously heard in Rabbi, is yet another trademark song. The exquisiteness of this track lies in its lyrics and the splendid convergence of traditional Indian and western instruments. It’s a soulful song, and almost reminds you of Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan’s style of poignant singing.


Kitni Der Tak, sung by Sonu Nigam, is great to hear and even better to hum. It is one of those songs you hear in a karaoke bar and makes you want to jump up and grab the mike yourself. It is a well rendered song, worth a repeat. 


If you have been wondering if there’s no bhangra number in this film, there’s Aaja Nachle that provides the much needed zing to the entire album. Sung by Salim Shazada, the song is pure ‘dhin chak’, sans any western renditions. 


Kailash Kher and Sonu Kakkar break the age old tradition of ear splitting Holi songs in films, with a beautifully raw and rustic Ey Gori. The last thirty odd seconds of this track capture the entire essence of Holi. Kudos to the composer and singers for this melodious number.


Out of tune:


Kabhi Aana na, sung by Amit Sana and Rabbi, may not suit the tastes of those who enjoy soft semi folk music. This track is rather loud and might just be classified under the semi-rock category. The track is no doubt energetic, but it sounds forced; trying hard to appeal to the younger section of music lovers.


The music of Delhi Heights is not a must have, but could definitely make a great addition to your existing music collection. The music may not even be headed towards becoming a bestseller, simply because not many would understand the Punjabi lyrics. But having said that, one can be sure that certain tracks will be on the chartbuster lists, simply because of the soulful renditions.

Sanjay Ram

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