Music Review: Dhamaal


Film: Dhamaal

Director: Indra Kumar


Producer: Indra Kumar and Ashok Thakeria


Music Director: Adnan Sami           


Lyrics: Sameer


Rating: 2.5/5


Music has always been the USP of an Indra Kumar production, whether it’s Ishq, Mann or Masti. So, one knows what to exactly expect from this flick. But surprisingly the album comprises three songs with their respective remixed versions. So, in terms of variety it falls flat.


As the word Dhamaal suggests, the first track ‘Dekho dekho dil ye bole’ is peppy, high spirited and rejuvenating. After a long time, we have a well packaged song. Adnan Sami and Shaan’s effortless singing is blended well Sami’s music. Their jugalbandi and chemistry spruces up the song. One can’t help but put their hands up and let their hair down. The drums and guitars, the beats and technical twists, the convoluting voices, what more can a music lover ask for?


Amit Kumar is here to stay! After the success of ‘Dil Mein Baji Guitar,’ Kumar croons ‘Miss India Martee Mujhpe’ along with Adnan. It depicts the over-smartness of the boys and how in reality they are shallow personalities. Emphasizing on key words, adding that ‘nakhra’ to the lyrics and the sense of correct timing comes across very well in this track. Certainly, this track is not very musical but its background score has shades of classical music with the westernized touch. A better picturesque will spice up the song!


‘Chandani raat hai saiyaan’ coalesces classical and kawali music. The initial music of this track has been beautifully executed and stands out. It’s no plain singing when it comes to Asha Bhosle, the twists and turns in her voice will make you want to hear this song again and again. And Amit Kumar complements her voice making it sound a natural.


Adnan and Shaan croon yet another song together. ‘Chal nache shor machalein’ has great music, but sounds a tad bit like ‘Mera piya ghar aaya’ in bits and pieces. The lyrics, by Sameer seem to be a little forceful and the song falls flat with no clarity of lyrics. At point, it sounds like ‘drugs karle’ instead of the actual penned words.


Every album has a fleet of remixes these days; it seems more of filler than a creative move. Chandani raat hai saiyaan’s remix has nothing great to offer. Instrumentals of Chal nache shor machalein and Chandini raat hain saiyan sound good. It’s a musical treat as many instruments have been used. 

You might want to go out and buy the album for one or two tracks, but as a whole, it’s fairly average.