Music Review: Halla Bol


Film: Halla Bol

Director: Rajkumar Santoshi

Producer: Abdol Samee Siddiqui

Music Director: Sukhwinder Singh

Lyrics: Sameer

Rating: 1/5

The promos of the Ajay Devgun starrer, Halla Bol might give you the slenderest feeling of the music being decent enough, but it’s just the contrary. Of the five songs, not even one brings a smile on the face!

‘Jab tak hai dum’ is one of those motivational tracks. Sukhwinder Singh’s vocals seem okay, but the song doesn’t offer anything unique.

Shabad Gurbani is the typical bhajan played at the Gurudwara, but will definitely act as a sleep-inducing-drug.

‘Is pal ki soch’ is a symbol of seduction, but we doubt if it will lure the music lovers. Harsh Deep tries and croon’s it in a typical style, but falls flat. The music is just about okay, nothing great. The lyrics penned by Mehboob Kotwal are repetitive and don’t hold appeal.

If you were expecting more torturous compositions, ‘More Haji piya’ falls in the line. Sung by Pakistani singer Amjad Farid Sabri, the track is unbearable!

‘Barsan lagi’ demands a more heavy reaction! If one thinks slow tracks are bound to be a hit, they are highly mistaken. The music is second-rate and the song is snail-paced.

If the movie trails the footsteps of its music, God save the makers!