Music Review: Fool n Final


Film: Fool n Final

Director: Ahmed Khan
Music director: Himesh Reshammiya

Lyrics: Sameer

Rating: 1.5/5

For those not tuned in, Himesh Reshammiya has taken to churning out albums for movies even before you can say his name. His music is a hit amongst everyone from autorickshaw drivers,cabbies, club goers to children. Others, you ask? Well, they have preferences of their own. Fool n Final is the latest instalment from Reshammiya’s ouvre.

Boys and Girls, you have just found the new foot tapping, dance-the-night-away number with Yeh Dooriyan. Fresh find Hanif Shaikh chants this track with Great Spirit. It is the ideal track to play while you glide around town or are out on a stroll tuned into your iPod. The lyrics make no sense whatsoever, but that shouldn’t matter as long as you are immersed into showing off your dancing skills. Make no mistake of taking this song to be some soulful, emotional number, it’s far from it. Remember Ganesh Hegde with ‘ Dilruba? This track is moderately on those lines, only Reshammiya’s music adds a lot more energy to it.

The remix is miles away from being remotely nice; with flange and funk beats, this one is irritating. The pace has been increased and the oh-so-cool beat goes on for eternity. The track steals everything possible from the original and manages to sound like some sort of aerobic exercise number. It’s one, two, three and skip for the remix.

Courtesy the dancing skills Shahid Kapoor displays, Tere layee by Kunal Ganjawala and Himani might just be forgotten. Kunal Ganjawala begins humming the track and before you know, it has begun. There is no lyrical or melodious essence that this song offers, moreover, it leaves you nothing to hum either. The little that this song offers is also stolen by the absurd rap that keeps cutting in.

Turn up the speed and throw in a loop beat and you get the remix for the same. This track leaves you exhausted even without lifting a finger. The pace is so utterly fast that even before you can sing along, the next stanza has started. The final nail in the coffin is the synthesised sounds that are added.

Ek Kalsa (and I woukd lke to offer an award to someone who can tell me what it means!) by Himesh is senseless. This track with the ‘Ek Kalsa, Do Kalsa’ sounds like teaching numbers to a kindergarten student. The lyrics are no string of profound words nor do they mean much. This track makes for a great stage performance, but that’s about it. This one is a ‘please skip me’ song, so oblige.

Recall dancing to jhoomar rey at the local dandiya ground? Well, Reshammiya singing sigdi is going to replace it. The song has the swirl and the pacing around covered. However, it is far from being a satisfactory and listen worthy number. The song has a lot going on, from the dholak to Himesh crooning, there’s far too much to handle. The remix has a whole lot of Punjabi twist thrown in, however, the track still does not manage to enthral. Like the other songs, beyond a point, begins to sound mundane. Furthermore, why would you have a remix to a song that does not make for a great heed?

The Masti Remix has no Masti in it whatsoever. It is simply a medley of all remixes further treated. The sad part is that a classic like ‘Jo waada kiya to’ has been treated with negligence. The pitch sounds completely varied. This one is another power workout number.

The album of Fool n Final, barring a few tracks, is a disappointment, Reshammiya has created far too many memorable tunes and these ones come nowhere close. You are better off waiting for a ‘Best of Himesh Reshammiya 2007’ album (Just hope it happens soon) which has the few good songs from this album. Undoubtedly, most of these tracks will go on to top the chartbuster list, but then before you know it, you will have been bored of listening to them.