Music Review: Good Boy Bad Boy

Film: Good Boy Bad Boy

Lyrics: Sameer

Music Director: Himesh Reshammiya

Rating: 1/5

At any given point in time, there is at least one Himesh Reshammiya album on the shelf of all leading music stores, which says it all.

With the completion of Good Boy Bad Boy, Himesh Reshammiya is away shooting for his acting debut. Reshammiya has sung most of the tracks himself, and the soundtrack of the film is just about ok. Here’ why.

The album begins with Himesh and Akriti Kakkar singing the title track, Good Boy Bad Boy, and you cannot listen to it beyond ten seconds. It sounds like the tape has gone into a loop. This is one of those introductory tracks which could be ideal for introducing the cast. The lyrics are one-liners, with words like “Be good, be good, good good boy.”

What is corny is the fact that they have managed to conjure up a remix version of the same.  The tempo has been increased and a few techno additions have been thrown in, but it’s all pretty futile.
Meri Awaragi is the track one sees playing on all the trailers. Rendered by Himani Kapoor and Himesh, this song is a bearable one. With the Himesh stamp across it, this track makes for a good listen and do not be surprised if all the cabbies and rickshaw drivers have this playing while you are on your way somewhere.

The remix of the same by DJ Suketu turns the rather slow track into a danceable and club worthy number. It has the feel of being one of theose filler tracks while your local DJ decides what to play next.

The track Aashiqana Aalam hai has a unique combination of singers. While Himesh and Vinit are the male vocalists, they have Sunidhi chauhan and Alka Yagnik for company on this one. This song lacks the zing these singers could have provided. So many singers, instruments and a background beat; there is nothing that is identifiable in this track.

However, the remix version, by DJ A Myth more than compensates for it.  With great beats and a good tempo, this song is a great track to play while cruising the city (provided you have a good car music system or have one of those systems that rickshaws are fitted with).

Dard-E- Dil, rendered by Zubeen Garg, is an attempt at incorporating a fusion track into the soundtrack of the film. Garg does well at rendering the song, however, with a track such as this, the least you expect is lyrics that are profound. The lyrics are simply blah. What eventually spoils the song is that unwanted, banal rap addition. Overall, a strictly ok track.

DJ A Myth provides the remix of the track yet again. This time however, it is unexciting. The beat is constant, while the original track plays. If anything, this version steals all the excitement that the original track provided. If you have heard the original, you can just about skip this one.
There is no point comparing this album to other Himesh works, for it’s nothing like his other work. This is unlike any music that Mukta Arts has released either. The soundtrack of Good Boy Bad Boy is strictly ok and you are better off spending the cash on buying a ticket for the film, rather than picking up its music.

Sanjay Ram

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