Music Review: Hattrick

Film: Hat Trick

Music: Pritam

Rating: 3/5

In tune:

Ek pal mein is a great track, ideal to play on full volume while you cruise the city in your car with your friends.

Sung by KK, this song has the typical sing along feel to it. Expect it to play in the clubs when they have their ‘Bollywood nights’. It scores a low in meaning but is high on dance value.

Another similar track is Rabba khair kare by Labh Januja. With some western beats and a few moments of rap, Januja manages to steer the song well till the end. Lucky you, this song features twice in the album. The second time round, it is in the form of a reprise, there is a remix version as well.

Remixed by DJ A_myth, Rabba Khair Kare makes you want to shake a leg or two. The ‘dholki’ beat makes it a song that can be played anywhere, be it a club or even a reception. After hearing this track, one feels as though DJ A_Myth needs to be doing more of this stuff.

There is none like Usha Uthup, who manages to add  much needed fun in any song she renders. Wicket Bacha is no exception; it is a pure fun song. This is a song ideally meant to be the anthem to cheer on the Indian cricket team and boy, what an anthem! The song actually makes you ‘shout Dil se India’. This promotional song is set to feature Kunal Kapoor, Nana Patekar and the rest of the film’s cast. There is reportedly a guest appearance by John Abraham as well. Play this song anywhere and you’ve got a crowd jumping and singing.

Wicket Bacha club remix by Bunty Rajput and Emu is no different from the non remixed one. Just because the tempo of the song is increased, it does not qualify to be a remix. The ‘remix’ is good, but it is high time Usha Uthup releases a few more albums so that there is a break to all the monotony in music, available at leading music stores.

Kahan Kho gaya, sung by Soham Chakrabarty, reminds one of ‘kaisa yeh nasha hai’ from Jhankaar Beats. The only difference is that the latter is much better. This track is certainly worth listening to, but is nothing exceptional. With so much going on (Drums, Guitar, Synthesiser et al) throughout the song, listen to it once and you are done.

Remixed tracks are certainly not something I particularly enjoy, especially if not done too well. The reprise of Kahan Kho gaya features as the eight track of the album and if you have one of those systems which allows you to shuffle the songs, you might consider the option of not playing the two versions simultaneously. Not saying this is a bad song, but it is not too great either.

Now here is a reprise that is good. The version of I am Coming Home by Rana Mazumder is way better than the one rendered by Carolisa and Roop Kumar Rathod. This one makes you realise how background music can actually spoil a good track.

Old things when packaged in a new avatar, still remain old. That’s the case of the track Jab Chaye Mera Jaadu from Lootmaar(1980) which features in the soundtrack of Hat Trick. This time it has been sung by the versatile Mahalaxmi Iyer, who manages to do a great job in rendering it. It is a good track, the only downside is that it has far too many techno beats and beyond a point, you start thinking wistfully about the original version.

Out of tune:

It’s incomprehensible why directors think that by adding a paragraph in English, a song turns different, entitling it to feature in the chartbuster list. I am coming home, by Roop Kumar Rathod and Carolisa is a fine example of two perfectly good songs getting spoilt by turning them into one. If you decide to listen to it in parts, it just might appeal to you; but as a whole, it is a bummer. Roop Kumar Rathod, by virtue of the beautiful voice that he possesses, certainly deserved more than this track.

Sanjay Ram

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