Music Review: Shaka Laka Boom Boom

Film: Shaka Laka Boom Boom


Music: Himesh Reshammiya


Lyrics: Sameer


Rating: 3/5


With fourteen tracks to choose from (nine originals and five remixes), Suneel Darshan has managed to shy away from convention, by offering peppy and club worthy tracks in his forthcoming film Shaka Laka Boom Boom. The music provided by Himesh Reshammiya, reflects his unique style. The best way to hear the soundtrack would be to stand in Reshammiya’s concert and hear him sing it to a live audience.


In tune:


The title track, Shaka Laka Boom Boom by Reshammiya himself along with Akriti Kakkar and a few rap verses by Earl is a complete party number. Surprisingly Himesh doesn’t sound like his usual self and actually makes you want to dance to the number. Listening to the song, you can break out in dance.


The song Namumkin carries a Himesh Reshammiya trademark stamp. The song has Himesh breaking out in a solo, topped with the use of the usual instruments like the Violin and drums. If promoted well, this song can go on to become another one to be added in his bag of successful songs. The remix version of Namumkin is also great.


Yet another trademark track is Dil Lagaayenge, rendered once again by Himesh alongside Akriti Kakkar. This song sounds like something out of the trunk and sent through a remix machine, resultant, a peppy and dance worthy number.


With a tad bit of Middle Eastern flange in it the Dil Lagaayenge remix is a great hear. Somehow though a trademark song, you do not get tired of it. Like a few other of his songs this one does not leave you feeling exhausted.


Hardly two minutes in duration is Issi Umeed Pe sung by Shaan. The song is nothing phenomenonal nor is it any different. It is simply ok, worth a listen. Somehow the song does not end with you wanting to hear more of Shaan, instead you will find yourself satisfied with it, just the way it is.


Yet another short and sweet song is Saathiya sung by Kunal Ganjawala and Sunidhi Chauhan. This one is a good track to follow Issi Umeed Pe, a short and well placed track. Songs like these actually provide the listener with the feeling of listing to a complete album.


Sounding something out of the Pop War that was going on in the late 90’s is Aaj Nahi Toh Kal by Sunidhi Chahan and Shaan. Hardly over a minute this song ends even before it can make an impression. This is precisely what one can call short and sweet.


Tera Sona Sona Roop by Kunal Ganjawala and Sunidhi Chauhan is another short song. It is a great track and the pace enables you to enjoy not only the music but the lyrics penned by Sameer as well.


Rukhsat rendered by Shaan, sounds like one of those tracks used in films to depict change or an event. It is hardly a minute long and is worth a repeat. It is well sung, but sadly enough it is Himesh who manages to rock the entire album.


The Shaka Laka Boom Boom remix is foot tapping and is a better party number that the original one. This one is the best among his recent works. Imagining a packed club partying away, with this track playing, it works!


One should be able to hear the medley to then hear the remix of it. The track has no Medley but certainly carries in it a remix of the ‘medley’. The Medley remix is great as you end up hearing the best part of each song. Hear the medley before you pick up the soundtrack, this way you end up hearing a bit of each track, aiding you to make your decision of purchasing it or to think otherwise. 


Out of Tune:


Thaare Vaaste rendered by Shaan and Sunidhi Chauhan is irritatingly painful. It is not badly sung nor is it bad music. It simply gets on your nerves, the prime reason being the background beats that are unbelievably monotonous and beyond a point manage to get on the last nerve. This song is nothing like Himesh’s smash hit songs, this one is a total bummer.


One fails to understand why Remixes of mournful songs are ever made. It is bad enough that you have to hear an original version, topping that up with a remix is pure torture. The remix of Thaare Vaaste is best heard in fast forward. 


The Remixes in the album are the work of Akbar Sami, the remixes are well done and actually manage to successfully convert medium paced songs to boogie able club numbers. A great difference from the music in Suneel Darshan’s previous films, you can expect this soundtrack to do as well as those of his earlier films. Reshammiya’s popularity is surely going to help sell the music, provided it is marketed correctly.


The sound track of SLBB is good and certainly worth a buy, more so for all the Himesh Reshammiya fans.

Sanjay Ram

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