Music Review: Life Mein Kabhie Kabhiee

Film: Life Mein Kabhie Kabhiee

Music Director: Lalit Pandit

Lyrics: Sameer

Rating: 2.5/5

With just six tracks on offer, the soundtrack of Life Mein Kabhie Kabhiee lasts a short while. Lalit Pandit, who has provided the music for this album, succeeds in making the album sound complete nevertheless.

In tune:

Valha Valha by shaan, Mahalaxmi and Shamit is the title track of the film. There is nothing distinctive that sets this song apart from similar tracks in other films. It is enough to hear this track once, but not over and over again.

Hum Tum Hum Tum is a sweet and mellow track rendered by KK and Gayatri. This track confirms KK’s talent as a singer and is positively worth a listen. The only letdown is the crudeness with which the saxophone is played.

Zubin Garg weaves Hum Khushi Ki Chah Mein into a splendid track. The Song actually arouses a sense of separation and for a track to do that is indeed creditable. The lyrics, if heeded, actually make sense. If you are one of those dumped in love, this song will only end up making you feel miserable…

Sunidhi Chauhan who sings Gehra Gehra, manages to render it with utmost ease, without straining her vocal chords. The song begins on a slow note and builds up both in pace and pitch. The song comes to a close with Sunidhi doing her usual, humming the tune, which is a beautiful way to end the song.

The rock mix of Hum Khushi Ki Chah Mein by Zubin Garg and Alka Yagnik is beautiful. Alka Yagnik is hardly there, her voice is hardly heard but for a couple of seconds. This track can become the distinctive track needed to promote the film.

Out of tune:

No problem, by Remo Fernandes is loud and honestly makes no sense whatsoever. This song has lyrics like “door manzil toh no problem” and I would prefer to skip this song. To some, this number might just be appealing, considering it has all the elements of being a great carnival track, but somehow I don’t think that’s what the director envisioned the song to be.

Don’t expect the soundtrack to do wonders; it won’t. Heavy promotions might just aid initial sales but in the long term could just fall flat.

The music of LMKK is not something you would go into a store hunting for, but might just feel like picking up on impulse. This one could just be far better than a few other soundtracks on that very shelf.

Sanjay Ram

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