Music Review: Om Shanti Om


Film: Om Shanti Om

Director: Farah Khan

Music Director: Vishal-Shekhar

Lyrics: Javed Akhtar

Producer: Gauri Khan

Cast: Shah Rukh Khan, Deepika Padukone, Shreyas Talpade, Arjun Rampal and Kirron Kher

Rating: 3/5

They are here to stay and blow everyone’s mind off with their creative compositions! Vishal and Shekhar have been painting the town red with their latest hits Golmaal and Cash. After framing out some new age tracks for their latest, the duo has something novel in store for music lovers this time. With Om Shanti Om they go retro and sound 70’s. Though the music stands out, the treatment is not very appealing. While some sound very good, others are so-so.

‘Ajab Si’ is a complete song. Along with music relating to a certain epoch, lyrics by Vishal are first rate. Though he doesn’t need to prove his adept skills, KK gets better by the day. His voice is balanced and does total justice to the melody. It sounds fabulous when the lyrics take off on the high notes. It’s a harmonious treat!

What happens when the lyrics sound preposterous and vocals over-the-top? The music suffers. Javed Akhtar has penned Dard E Disco, but it sounds like a rough worded piece which has no head or tail. Sukhwinder’s voice sounds very forceful. The music moves swiftly but falls flat because of weak accompaniments.

‘Deewangi’ is musical and has a blend of both modern groove and classical beats. Though it doesn’t create magic with its vocalization, Shaan certainly sounds the best of the lot. This song is sure to stir up a furor because of its picturesque which comprises a fleet of bigwigs from the industry. But not to forget the music sounds brilliant.

The initial dulcet sound of Main Agar Agar Kahoon is sure to take you back to the Mera Naam Joker days. It certainly sounds very 70’s though not very original. Sonu Nigam’s voice has all the charm a hero’s voice needs. He is in his element and takes the song forward. Shreya Ghoshal hardly croons one bit, so nothing much to her credit. The end note is weaved well and will make the perfect number for a ball dancing session!

‘Jag soona soona lage’ is a touchy track sung by Richa Sharma and Rahat Fateh Ali Khan. It can be slotted as one of those sad, teary eyed songs. Their grave and deep voice is sure to move everyone emotionally. Javed saab has penned beautiful and meaningful lyrics for this one. Though it has the traditional feel to it, the drum beats make it sound a wee bit different.

Dhoom Taana is one of those typical ‘naino main sapna’ type of a song; you either love it or hate it to the core! The music is strictly okay. The retro touch is very blatant but it’s mixed with mod techniques. Abhijeet fits the bill and Shreya Ghoshal sounds pleasant too. Lyrics don’t make a special difference.

You can’t help but reminisce the Karz days after listening to Dastaan E Om Shanti Om. There’s a striking resemblance between Ek Hasina Thi and the former. There is nothing originative about this track, except Shaan singing it in a stern manner.  In bits the song loses consistency and pushes variation. We hope the movie is not a reflection of the blockbuster!

Dard E Disco’s remix sounds a total mish-mash, surprisingly, since it’s coming from DJ Aqueel’s turn tables. It’s too fast paced, one won’t enjoy the beats. In contrast to this, Deewangi’s remixed version has the gusto feel to it. It’s peppy and full of energy.

The medley mix will win over the music lovers; Dhoom Tannana’s remix is well packaged track and sounds 100 times better than the original. Jackie V has certainly done some brilliant mixing. Shocking but true, if originals don’t work, remixed versions surely do wonders. Dastaan’s remix has been done by DJ Nikhil, Chinapa, Zoheb and Nawed. It’s got the touch of psychedelic trance which stands out from the others.

Though the music has that special impact, lyrically the songs are a little weak. Unlike the others, this album will take some time to grow on the music buffs.