Music Review: Partner


Film: Partner

Director: David Dhawan

Music Director: Sajid Wajid

Lyrics: Sanjay Chhel, Shabbir Ahmed and Jalees Sherwani

Producer: Sohail Khan

Cast: Salman Khan, Govinda, Katrina Kaif, Lara Dutta

Rating: 3/5

David Dhawan has, for long, provided us much needed breaks of laughter and wholesome entertainment. His latest offering, Partner, has duo Sajid-Wajid providing the music score.

The moment you have heard ‘Do you wanna partner’, you know there is a stamp saying ‘hit’ plastered all over it. The track, rendered by Udit Narayan and Shaan, is loaded with hip hop sounds and a bit of jive music. The bouncy feeling is consistent throughout the track and makes for a sensational dance number. The staccato beats make it extremely peppy. Hit the club only when you know this track is playing.

The remix, with its salsa groove, makes for a great track to dance on too. The background music is constant and fast paced, while the singers match the pace. The additional ‘aye’s’ and whistles have been well positioned to add energy to the track.

The techno laden track that follows, Dupatta Tera Nau Rang Da, has Sonu Nigam, Kunal Ganjawala and Shreya Ghosal lending their voices. The three singers do extremely well in rendering the track, but clearly the voices take a backseat to the thump filled sounds. This one is yet another smash hit, play it till you can sing along.

Soni De Nakhre by Laabh Janjuwa and Sneha Pant is ear piercing from the start. This track has musicians competing with the vocalists, resulting in a loud track. Even the vocals have been synthesised to sound flange filled. Since the song is mid paced, you can’t even strut to its tunes on the dance floor. All in all, this track is OK but falls majorly short of being great.

Garnished with a whole lot of Latin flavours is Maria Maria, sung by Sonu Nigam and Sunidhi Chauhan. The singers perform this track extremely well, especially Chauhan with her crystal clear and razor sharp voice. With a great set of arrangements and a good chorus, this song is a nice number to learn the salsa on. Sadly, in the last minute, this song gets repetitive and tedious with the ‘Maria Maria senorita Maria’. Like the track Zinda Hai from Josh, this one will soon be on your lips, all it needs is time.

The moment ‘You’re my Love begins’, all that hits you is this sudden feeling to go clubbing. Alternating from a hip hop to an Arabesque track, this one has been tastefully arranged. Additionally, Shaan and Shweta Pandit with their easy-on-the-ear voices have you sing along while burning the dance floor.

Sadly, the monotony of remixes catches up with the track and you find yourself dancing to a track filled with techno dos. On a positive note, the pace is catchy and unlike a lot of remix tracks, this one is quite likeable.

On the whole, the soundtrack of Partner seems poised to be Sajid Wajid’s new runaway hit. The tracks are great and the soundtrack is filled with energy. The album is a worthy buy!