MY FM launches Chandani Raatein Classics audio CD


Mumbai: FM has launched its first ever music label Chaandani Raatein Classics in a Compact Disc format in collaboration with Universal Music. The CD has been launched across the nation and shall be promoted by MY FM. Chandani Raatein is MY FM’s popular late night show which is savoured by the people across seven States of Punjab, Haryana, Gujarat, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh and Maharashtra through MY FM’s 17 stations. It is a musical tribute to the golden classics of Bollywood.

The CD contains 12 songs, most often asked for by the listeners in MY FM’s popular late night show Chaandani Raatein. The popular numbers include ‘Dil Kya Karey Jab Kissi ko Kissi Se Pyaar ho Jaaye, Wada Karo Nahin Chodoge Tum Mera Saath, Thoda Hai Thode ki Zaroorat Hai, Tujhse Naaraz Nahin Zindaghi Hairaan Hoon Mein’.

Chandni Raatein Classics is a compilation of timeless songs from the golden era.

The promotional campaign for Chandani Raatein Classics on MY FM shall include RJ mentions across our 17 stations in seven states as well as the contests. The winners of these contests shall be getting these CDs as gratification. The RJs shall also give away CDs to listeners of Chandani Raatein.

Elaborating on the concept 94.3 MY FM Synergy Media Entertainment Ltd COO Harrish M. Bhatia said," It is an humble but concrete step by MY FM and I am confident that we shall move forward and create many more milestones in the field of entertainment."