MySpace launches local hubs for India’s talent


Mumbai: MySpace India has recently launched a new revamped Indihub ( With nearly 200 thousand friends, Indihub is a single stop for news, specials, videos, friends, cool tips and hot news on what is happening in Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore.

MySpace director, marketing and content Tarun Tripathi said, "With More than 50 percent of MySpace users in India coming from these three metros, MySpace India will further endeavour to focus on local content and events to continue its journey towards representing the voice of Indian youth, and being the coolest place to make friends."

"What’s interesting is most of the content was already on MySpace. What we have done is brought them to the fore, so that users get a platform to showcase what they have," says MySpace director, sales and business development Deep Malhotra.

MySpace has begun by creating Delhi Hub (, Mumbai Hub ( and Bangalore Hub ( And the portal will continue creating more regional hubs where a sizeable user base will allow younger audience in the 16-24 age group to create a buzz.

One of the key highlights of this launch is the announcement of a gaming applications contest with a grand prize of $ 30,000 and a chance to attend the 2008 Tokyo Game Show where the winner from India would be rubbing shoulders with the best from MySpace China, MySpace Japan, and MySpace Korea.