From Paris To God: Adnan Sami – Roya’s Honeymoon!

Adnan Sami with wife Roya Fariyabi in Paris
Adnan Sami with wife Roya Fariyabi in Paris
Adnan Sami with wife Roya Fariyabi in Paris

PARIS: It was a pact between singer Adnan Sami, his wife the Afghani-German Roya Fariyabi and God.

That as soon as Adnan’s legal troubles with his second wife Sabah were over he would take his wife to the city of her dreams where they would initiate the process of parenthood.

Speaking from the chosen city Paris Adnan says, “We have waited long for parenthood. We wanted our child to be born after we freed the world around our lives from the stress that Roya and I have been facing incessantly. I think the clouds have now lifted and Roya and I are ready for a baby. We’re here in Paris for a belated honeymoon.”

Paris is a city that Adnan waited to visit with the love of his life. “Strange that I’ve gone to nearly every part of the world but avoided Paris. I wanted to come to my dream city Paris for the first time with my dream woman. You won’t believe this. But Roya too made a conscious effort not to visit her dream city Paris until she was with the man she wanted to spend her life with. I think we’ve both found the reason to be in our dream city.”

However Adnan and his wife do not wish to visit the touristic spots in Paris. “Both my wife and I find climbing the Eiffer Tower a boring thought. We’ve come to see the low life in Paris. The by-lanes, the underground clubs, the unlicensed pubs, the brawls in the back alleys… We want to experience Paris from the streets.”

After a week in Paris — and hopefully with a baby on the way — Adnan heads to Oslo for a concert.

Says Adnan, “If Roya gets pregnant I will announce it on stage at my Oslo concert.”

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