Playback singing has lost it’s glory days: Shaan

MUMBAI: Singer Shaan, known for his mesmerizing voice, feels playback singing has lost its charm and that actors should start singing their own songs.

"Playback singing has actually lost its glory days. It would be a very good trend if actors should sing their own songs. In the West, people get shocked when I say I have lent my voice for so and so actor. They say why don’t they sing it themselves. Abroad they all sing their own songs and this is a very good trend."

The singer says he is not worried about being jobless if the trend catchs on and added: "We will do something else. Changes will come."

Recently, songs like "Kolavari Di" and "Bhag DK Bose" turned out to be chartbusters and Shaan says nonsense stuff gets maximum hits.

"The song is not made in any delusion. They themselves are saying that this is nonsense lyrics. These days people have also started liking nonsense stuff," the 39-year-old said.

"Go and check in You Tube, you will get to see maximum number of hits is for nonsense stuff. People are enjoying stupid and non sense things. If you package this thing in a new way it has got maximum potential compared to sensible things," he added.