Radio City 91.1 FM rolls Cash ya Holiday contest


Mumbai: Starting July 21, the FM station gives Mumbaikars the option to win cash or an international holiday. For the next two weeks, ‘Whatte Fun Mornings’ will be buzzing with one listener everyday getting tempted by RJs Harssh and Archanaa to make one decision on what he would like to win.

Mumbai Radio City’s Cash ya Holiday is an engaging game of choice, which let the listeners decide between two rewarding options. RJs Harssh and Archanaa will add to the thrill of the game with extra cash and travel add-ons to give-away.
All listeners have to do to participate, is tune into ‘Whatte Fun Mornings’, Monday – Friday, 7 – 11 AM on Mumbai’s Radio City 91.1FM, answer a simple question and RJs Harssh and Archanaa will take one lucky listener to play the game on-air.

Elaborating on the concept of the game, programming and marketing national head and executive vice-president Rana Barua says, "Cash ya Holiday is an engaging game that empowers our listeners to choose what they want to win. We had rolled out the same concept last year and it was hugely successful with our listeners. Thus, this year – we’re bringing it back with even more exciting prize options. Radio City 91.1FM is adding that extra spice to Mumbai’s mornings by giving listeners an opportunity to savour the joy of winning a prize of their choice!"