Radio City 91.1FM launches


Mumbai: Radio City 91.1FM has launched, which will be a knowledge bank on FM radio in India. A first-of-its-kind website, presents a mélange of varied resources on radio, all collated on a single platform.

This launch follows several of Radio City 91.1FM’s initiatives to evangelize radio which include programmes like a three-city workshop on radio advertising with international strategist, and radio advertising and marketing Guru Paul Weyland. They also had a closed-door Round Table Conference on radio.

Targeted at advertisers and the media and advertising fraternity, is designed to provide a diverse array of FM radio specific information relevant to users. In addition to featuring documented research on the burgeoning radio sector and comprehensive data from recognized sources, the website also captures the effectiveness of radio through a series of case studies, which go to show how radio has worked for brands and most importantly, how radio has been able to meet the advertiser’s communication objectives.

The website specifically focuses on how radio makes a difference to the media and advertising industry and how it is effective for media planners. Bringing in an element of interactivity, the website features Radio Guru – the online consultant who can answer all that there is to know about radio. As a compendium on contemporary radio practices, clearly demonstrates reasons to experience radio, use radio to build brands and to truly go the distance.

Commenting on the need for such a website, Radio City 91.1FM CEO Apurva Purohit said, "Today, radio has emerged as a highly persuasive, far-reaching and creative medium for advertising. Those awake to its true potential are rewarded with a unique springboard to enhance their market presence. However, many are still unaware of what radio can really do for their brands. At this juncture, we at Radio City have taken the lead to evangelize the medium. from Radio City only takes forward our concerted effort of showcasing the USP of radio to the advertiser and to the creative and planning fraternity, demonstrating the power of the medium and how it can be creatively and innovatively leveraged to their advantage."

Elaborating on what to expect next Purohit added, " is only a stepping stone in a series of activities planned by Radio City on evangelizing radio. While we will keep adding to the meaningful interactivity and engagement on this website, we have a lot more set to roll on this front which we will announce shortly."