Radio City ups airtime rates by 15-20 per cent


Mumbai: Following in the footsteps of Radio Mirchi and Red FM, now Radio City has upped its airtime rates in select key markets with effect from 1 October.

This increase, amounting to 15-20 per cent over existing rates, comes in line with a robust increase in Radio City’s listenership, reach and listener equity and is commensurate with the consistent, innovative delivery of quality SEC AB audiences to advertisers.

With market presence spanning 20 markets, Radio City consistently reaches out to the highest number of quality SEC AB audience in the country. According to RAM data, Radio City has seen a consistent 10 per cent increase in reach in RAM markets alone at a time when the category witnessed a two per cent decline. The FM brand also enjoys sustained leadership across SECs in Mumbai with the highest Time Spent Listening (TSL) and TARP across audiences since February.

Radio City 91.1FM CEO Apurva Purohit said, "That ‘Radio delivers!’ has been amply demonstrated by RAM. Be it having the lowest CPT, having as high as a 15 per cent multiplier effect used in conjunction with a TV campaign or being 3/5th as effective as TV in raising awareness at 1/7th the cost, the power of radio is truly one of reckoning. As clients increasingly look at improving the delivery of their media rupee, there is no longer any doubt that radio is repeatedly proving its efficacy. Radio City’s increasing reach in the RAM markets and its robust TSL clearly makes it one of the best mass media vehicles for clients to invest in today."

Radio City 91.1FM executive vice-president and national head sales Ashit Kukian added, "Our series of successes are a matter of no coincidence. As a pure-play FM station which remains our core focus, all teams are unanimously driven to seamlessly work towards ensuring domain leadership. Our sustained focus on catering to quality audiences via innovative programming initiatives and 360 degree solutions, combined with our ceaseless efforts towards evangelizing the medium, have seen an increase of 45-50 per cent in terms of no. of advertisers and advertising volume coming to Radio City. And as advertisers see unmatched value in our delivery, we expect the same to only continue. We are targeting a vibrant 40-50 per cent revenue growth incremental of our numbers last year which we are well on our way to exceeding."

Elaborating on implication to advertisers, Kukian added, "As a category leader, we remain committed to deliver the very best to both our constituencies – the listener and the advertiser. Our inventory is finite and our airtime in key markets is already saturated. This move lets us maintain a healthy ad-content balance to avoid sonic clutter. Low clutter ensures a listener-friendly environment which translates to sustained stickiness and lower ad-avoidance for the advertiser."