Radio Mirchi launches Bhojpuri radio station on mobile

MUMBAI: Radio Mirchi has launched a Bhojpuri radio station, which will be available a through Mobile subscription on 59830. Everything about this product has been customized for the Bhojpuri audiences, including the tag line ‘ee garam ba’, adapted from ‘it’s hot’ positioning of Radio Mirchi.
This product will be available as part of the Mirchi Mobile offering. Spice Digital, which has been powering Mirchi Mobile over the last year, is the partner for this offering as well. The Mirchi Bhojpuri feed will be available to subscribers of Airtel initially, and will be expanded to other Telcos soon.
The launch was done by Bhojpuri superstar Ravi Kissan at an event at the Radio Mirchi Studios in Mumbai. Kissan said, "It’s a great and commendable initiative undertaken by Radio Mirchi to popularize the Bhojpuri culture, the films and its songs. This takes Bhojpuri music a step closer to the people as they can tune into it anytime by dialing 59380. I am immensely happy to introduce Radio Mirchi Bhojpuri on Mirchi Mobile to my fans and the fans of Bhojpuri film industry”.
Radio Mirchi head of digital initiatives Rahul Balyan added, "Mirchi Bhojpuri is a unique offering in the VAS space since it brings together the expertise of Radio Mirchi and the sensibilities of the Bhojpuri movie industry. With the massive penetration of mobile phones in India and the huge demand of Bhojpuri content in VAS, we feel that with this product will find great success. We have taken a lot of effort to create an authentic experience for the Bhojpuri Audiences and we are even creating this feed out of Patna so that we keep abreast with the Bhojpuri community. With the addition of this feed onto Mirchi Mobile portfolio, we hope to rapidly grow the overall subscriber base substantially since Bhojpuri content is second most popular content after Bollywood on Mobile VAS. We are really grateful to Mr Ravi Kissan, the icon of the Bhojpuri industry, for his support for Mirchi Bhojpuri."