Radio One fine tunes progamming


MUMBAI: Radio One FM 94.3, has fine-tuned its programming to serve listeners with their choice of entertainment in 20 minutes… every 20 minutes.

Radio One conducted a survey in Mumbai, New Delhi, Chennai and Bangalore amongst listeners and found interesting facts related to listening habits of people. The survey has shown that, on an average, a listener stays tuned in to a station for about 20 minutes.

Close to 40 per cent of listeners stated that they surfed out to another station after 20 minutes. Another aspect of the survey showed that listeners, apart from good music like to have regular doses of humour and infotainment.

“Its not a paradigm shift in thinking. It’s still about the music, creative elements, hosts and packaging. The ingredients are all the same. The dish served will be completely different. The 20 minute format works on the principle that if a listener is listening to an average time of 20 minutes, the programming mix is designed to achieve that,” said Radio One vice president programming and brand Vishnu Athreya.

While the basic programs like Mumbai Top 30 and Vivid Nights stays the same, each hour is split into three segments of 20 minutes each. Each segment of 20 minutes will have a quick infotainment news link from BBC, humor element like Lallan Talkies & Ehsaan Faramosh, two to three hit songs including a classic hit also an exciting contest to be won.

“We figured that various people listen to radio in varied ways but the common thread is that they all want entertainment and they want it quick. That is the reason we proposed Masti Fatafat. Going further they also wanted specific programming inputs like Humour, genre based classic shows and infotainment, and so the above,” Athreya added.

Radio One has introduced humour elements like Lallan Talkies, Ehsaan Faramosh, News Reader Sayani and Hema Aunty ke Tips which run successfully through the day. Infotainment includes informative links like “BBC-Ek Minute” comprising of regular new updates received from BBC and includes Sports, Entertainment and Bollywood news.

Content provided by the BBC in the form of BBC Minutes. The BBC minute segment happens every 20 minutes on Radio One with the best of sports, entertainment and Bollywood.