Radio One launches in Kolkata; inks sales deal with Misty


Mumbai: Radio One 94.3 FM, the joint venture between MiD DAY and BBC Worldwide, rolled its seventh station in Kolkata thereby completing its metro foot print. Radio One has also inked a sales alliance with Radio Misty 94.3FM for Siliguri and Gangtok as part of its East package which will be sold jointly.

"We are positioning ourselves as ‘India’s largest metro focused radio network as it is quite clear that metros contribute to over 75% of most client’s businesses. Radio One will allow clients a certain consistency and efficiency in reaching their audiences that exhibit metro city attitude. We are India’s highest ranked radio company on metro efficiency which is function of listenership and rates charged to reach the SEC AB audience," said Radio One CEO Vineet Singh Hukmani.

"Our aim is to provide listeners a certain local flavor at the same time focusing on the metro nature of our brand. This is not easy for other stations who have to contend with being metro and small town all in one breath. This makes a client’s brand experience a certain inconsistency as the medium is the greatest message in radio and then there are some stations that just do not reach enough metro cities making us the best fit metro radio brand," added Radio One national programming head Vehrnon Ibrahim.

"We believe that it’s the quality and not quantity of people that make a radio station great. We believe that with creative people we will be able to provide listeners what they need in Kolkata without making the station quantity heavy," Hukmani said.