Radio One launches multimedia campaign


MUMBAI: 94.3 Radio One has launched a nation-wide multimedia campaign, which focuses on the ‘listener centric’ property called ‘Play Your Music Day’ where thousands of listeners across the country will physically visit the stations in seven cities and play their favorite 13 songs.

The first of these days is on 28 July and will be launched on air by a concert of Shankar Ehsaan Loy. Each of the music days is well supported one air by the largest celebrities from the film and music space in the country.

The campaign for ‘Play Your Music Day’ is lead by five films that depict the station promise of ‘maximum music’ in an entertaining fashion. A further six films already shot, will be revealed slowly to talk about other interesting music led features of the ‘music station’.

All the films showcase the camaraderie of the brand ambassadors Shankar Ehsaan Loy in a never seen before clutter breaking style.

Print dailies are being used tactically closer to the ‘play your music’ days in the metros to highlight immediacy.

Outdoor and On ground promotions have been unleashed in seven cities to select the listeners who will play their favourite songs on ‘play your music day’. Various locations in the cities are being used to promote the concept using ‘radio one’s Pom Pom girls’ who dance to 94.3 Radio One’s anthem song ‘Aao apna gaana bajao,’ which has been composed and performed by Shankar, Ehsaan Loy. The on ground campaign is supported by select outdoor and bus backs.

The Radio One anthem song has been used as a hook to invite intrigue as regards play your music day.

94.3 Radio One managing director Vineet Singh Hukmani said, "Our business strategy is one of ‘music specialization’ and we want to prove that in a sea of generic radio stations , we are the ONLY MUSIC STATION that does full justice to every stakeholder from passionate creators of music to listeners who love all genres of music."

Radio One national head of marketing Shyju Varkey added, "We want our listeners to ‘experience the maximum music experience’ and be involved with all aspects of our ‘product’s attributes’. The campaign aims to heighten this in an ‘uncluttered radio brand space’. We timed this to allow our Rs 10 crore of media spend to work very hard."