Raga To Rock releases Tarana’s second album


MUMBAI: Raga To Rock Records recently released singer Tarana’s second music album, titled Vinati.

The music company had released her debut album Kaise Kahoon in 2004. Tarana is a trained vocalist who has received training under the Singh brothers – Shyam, Pradeep and Pratap, over the past six years.

She has been studying Hindi semi-classical music for the past four years. The music of Vinati has been composed by Singh brothers, while lyrics are penned by Ajay Jhingran and the music is arranged by Bhavdeep Jaipurwale.

Vinati has nine numbers, of which ‘Yeh Kaun Hai Jo…’ has been chosen for the music video which has been shot by Vijay Ravindranathan in Jaisalmer.