RED FM launches branded auto rickshaws


MUMBAI: Red FM has launched an interactive platform to reach their listeners. After the success of Gold cabs in Mumbai, RED FM leveraged the mass transit vehicle of Mumbai – auto rickshaws as the next medium to directly reach their listeners.

Branded auto rickshaws will be touring the city of Mumbai and will stop on route at various malls and mutliplexes where RED FM promoters will play games and distribute prizes to people.

RED FM COO Abraham Thomas said, “This first of its kind initiative by RED FM is launched with an objective to reach out to the common man and truly reinforce the message of being No1 radio station, with the best combination of award winning jocks, shows and listener ship in Mumbai.”

The activity will be accompanied with an on-air contest wherein any person who spots the rickshaw on the road can SMS ‘Red Rockshaw’ to 8558 and win prizes.