Sahara launches music studio – Nysa


MUMBAI: Sahara has launched its state-of-the-art music studio facility catering to recording, editing mixing and mastering of music under one roof.

Studio Nysa is equipped with mixing console SSL 9000K series. A limited edition product, Studio NYSA ‘A’ is the third worldwide and the first in India to own this from the SSL Stable.

It has a combination of an all Analog mixing console combined with the Sonic expertise of Digidesigns Pro Tools. The classic acoustic design is by a pioneer in this art, Andy Munro. A studio with the best in the industry monitoring system by Dyna Acoustic makes it one of the best sounding studios in the country.

The Studio also uses analog recording tape machines. Coupled to all this, an array of gadgets helps one to experiment, improve and create a musical difference under the same roof. The Studio is equipped with the Dyna Audio monitoring system for both Stereo (conventional) and Surround (5.1), mixing and monitoring environment.

Studio NYSA ‘B’, a mirror image of the former in its technology, boasts of the ‘SSL 4000 GT’ an all analog mixing console, the most sought after console in the world even today because of its outstanding sonic quality.

Both the studio setups thus cater to the best of recording technologies with their combination of analog and digital recording domains. This facility offers the best ambience for scoring of songs and background music for films. Additionally, the Studio is also capable of dubbing facility for films too.

The Studio has competent human resource in the form of its audio team, with trained professionals who have worked with the best music directors and directors in the film industry.

Saapna Mukerji, senior vice president H.O.D., Audio (SITV) says, “This one of a kind music studio, with the combination of services and technology makes it a rare in the industry. We are committed for best quality and delivery of the product within permissible time frame. Our services are more than at par with the industry, rather a step ahead of them all.”

Equipment List in Brief

1. SSL 9000 K series
2. Digidesign Pro Tools (MAC)
3. Prism Audio Convertors
4. TC Electronic System 6000
5. Avalon MIC Pre Amps
6. GML MIC Pre Amps
7. Drawmer MIC Pre Amps
8. Rupert Neve Designed System 9098 ECR’s
9. Reverb and Delay unit by TC Electronics, Lexicon, Yamaha
10. Dyna Audio’s 5.1/Stereo Monitoring System
11. Studio 2″, 1″, 1/4″ Analog Recording Tape Machines
12. Wide Range of MIC’s from Neuman, Audio Technica, Senhisser, AKG, Beyer Dynamic