Sajid-Wajid won’t adapt South Indian tunes


MUMBAI: While other topnotch Bollywood composers today are happily adapting South Indian chartbusters; Sajid-Wajid, currently riding the crest of popularity, won’t give in. In fact, there seems to be a tug-o-war between Sajid-Wajid and filmmakers who want to take the safe route and adapt South Indian hits wholesale.

Although Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Rowdy Rathore is a remake of a South Indian film, Sajid-Wajid have no intentions of adapting any of the songs from the orginal.

Wajid tells, “We’re really enjoying our music sittings with Sanjay sir and Prabhu Deva sir (director of Rwody Rathore). None of the songs here would be adapted from the South. Music tastes are different in the North and South. Even in Ready if you listen to Dhinka Chika, it’s very different from the original track. In fact, in Wanted Salman wanted us to adapt one track from the original film. We instead gave him Love Me, Love Me. However, if Salmanbhai insists, we’d do anything for him.”

Showing no resentment about the fact that Himesh Reshammiya has insinuated himself back into Salman’s camp, Wajid says, “Salmanbhai has taken taken Himesh back and given him Bodyguard at the last minute. Yeh to bahut badi baat hai. It’s like a new beginning for Himesh. We started our careers almost together with music in Salman starrers. Then Himesh decided to do other things. Now he has got another chance, thanks to Bhai. As far as we are concerned, God has given us our space, and no one can take it away. With someone like Vishal-Shekhar, we are constantly exchanging ideas and compliments. That isn’t so with Himesh. Maybe he has friends outside the musical circle in films.”

He further adds, “Salmanbhai has an eye for talent. He recognized the potential in us and in Himesh when no one else did. So Himesh and us are a part of Salmanbhai’s extended family. But that doesn’t mean we have to be friends with one another. Even earlier there was a give-and-take of assignments. Himesh was supposed to do the music of Partner but we stepped in when Bhai requested us to, without a moment’s hesitation. Even Dabangg’s music was supposed to be done by someone else. So we aren’t possessive of Salmanbhai. We know no one can take our place because our love for Salmanbhai is not restricted to the number of films we are doing music for him. We’re all like his children.”

At the moment Sajid-Wajid are busy with the music of Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s production of Rowdy Rathore.

Wajid informs, “Salman is very happy for Sajidbhai and me because we’re extending our horizons. Our success is his triumph.”