Shaan appointed as social ambassador against Tobacco; launches new music single


MUMBAI: The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare has appointed singer Shaan as the tobacco control ambassador of India.

Shaan committed himself to the cause and pledged to do all he could to stand up against tobacco. Shaan’s new music single titled Life se Panga Mat Le Yaar was also released on the occasion. The new track is targeted towards youth and sends a strong message that life without tobacco is a life worth living.

Shaan said, "After seeing the efforts and commitment by Salaam Bombay Foundation in transforming the lives of kids impacted by tobacco, I thought there is a lot I could do to further this cause; this is only the beginning. I hope that the youth will internalize and live my message."

Salaam Bombay Foundation director Padmini Somani added, "Shaan is a popular youth icon with a very clean image. It is heartening to know that a star as big as him has come forward to take up this cause. Making a song was the most natural thing to do with him but there is a lot more we can do. We know that Shaan propagating this message will have a significant impact in the lives of kids who emulate him."

The music video was shot at the Kaala Chowki Basti, Parel. The lyrics have been written by Rekha Nigam.