The love story of music & Indian films: From Abhimaan to Rockstar

MUMBAI: Music is an almost inseparable part of Indian films. And over the years, Bollywood has taken the association further by making it an integral part of its scripts through films like "Abhimaan", "Sur", "Rock On!!" – and the upcoming, much-awaited "Rockstar".

The backdrop for each story may have been different, but the rise or the fall of the protagonist – often an aspiring, musically-inclined entity – has formed the core of most of these films.

"Rockstar", which features Ranbir Kapoor as an aspiring musician who walks the path of self-destruction to achieve his dreams, is set for release Nov 11.

IANS takes a lowdown on some Hindi films, which zoomed the lens on the emotions surrounding the success, failure, jealousy, love, competition and hardships in the life of singers, musicians and music bands, in the past:

"Abhimaan" (1973) – A professional singer, whose career is soaring, marries a village girl, who also sings. After marriage, the man continues singing, and fosters his wife’s singing career too until she becomes more popular. Jealousy seeps in, tearing their marriage apart. The larger picture of "Abhimaan" may be professional jealousy between a man and his wife, but this Amitabh-Jaya Bachchan classic also depicted the ups and downs in the life of a Bollywood singer.

"Yaarana" (1981) – A village farmer (Amitabh Bachchan) who has a melodious voice is taken to the city by his successful businessman friend (Amjad Khan) to make him famous. The farmer gradually becomes a star, but his friend falls prey to a mental problem.

"Akele Hum Akele Tum" (1995) – An aspiring playback singer (Aamir Khan) falls in love with a rich girl (Manisha Koirala), who is still training in classical singing. They get married, but when the girl’s career takes a backseat due to household responsibilities, she decides to walk out and carve her own niche. She goes on to become a star, while the man goes through a failed career and financial crisis.

"Khamoshi: The Musical" (1996) – Born to a deaf and mute couple, Annie (Manisha Koirala) grows up to love music. She gets her musical inspiration from her grandmother, but music fades from her life gradually, until she meets Raj (Salman Khan). She starts singing again and even records an album.

"Taal" (1999) – This Subhash Ghai film is about an aspiring singer, played by Aishwarya Rai. She goes on to taste international success. In the background is her love story with a rich man, who loves her equally.

"Dil Vil Pyar Vyar" (2002) – The film takes a look at three love stories, one of which is about ego, pride and insecurity in the life of a married couple, played by R. Madhavan and Namrata Shirodkar. Both are aspiring singers and both want success. But when the wife becomes more popular, trouble ensues.

"Sur" (2002)- The film is about a music teacher (Lucky Ali) in search of a special student who can make it big. But when he finds one such student (Gauri Karnik), who becomes extremely successful under his tutelage, he feels jealous of her fame. He starts dominating and humiliating her, but makes it up publicly.

"Jhankaar Beats" (2003) – A tribute to the legendary R.D. Burman, this film about love, friendship and music narrates the story of two dedicated musicians (Rahul Bose and Sanjay Suri), who wish to win an annual pop music contest called Jhankaar Beats. During the narrative, they are joined by another boy (Shayan Munshi).

"Rock On!!" (2008) – The 2008 film traced the journey of an aspiring band – Magik – from their college days, to the decline, to their reformation, and success.

"London Dreams" (2009) – With massive stage settings, rock concerts and music, this Ajay Devgn-Salman Khan-Asin-starrer is about the formation of a band, jealousy among band members, its decline and resurrection.

"Jashnn – The Music Within" (2009) – This movie features Adhyayan Suman as a young man who hopes to become a singing icon. But what takes him to the top are the bittersweet lessons of life, which ultimately help him achieve his musical dreams.

"Soundtrack" (2011) – A sensitive tale of a passionate music lover-turned-DJ-turned-music composer, this film features Rajeev Khandelwal. When situations make him deaf, he meets a hearing-impaired girl (Soha Ali Khan), who knows the art of lip-reading. He attempts to sense the sound of music and study digital waveforms of tunes he knew, and creates new music and finally becomes a renowned composer.