Times Music launches new music album Piya Piya


Mumbai: Times Music launched its latest album Piya Piya at the Planet M store in Lower Parel.

The album brings together artists Ustad Sultan Khan, Roop Kumar Rathod and Richa Sharma. It also presents a bunch of talented new singers like Vasu Rampal, Ankita and Uday Shankar.

The album has nine songs with the title track Piya Piya… by Ustad Sultan Khan, Chithiyan… by Richa Sharma and Jisko Dekha…. and Tuta Tuta…. by Vasu Rampal and Tarannum.

The album is a blend of different genres of music, with a blend of beats from Tabla, Dholak, Sitar, Violin, Flute and Sarangi and other musical instruments.

The music director duo of Laxmi-Vasant has used Indian compositions. Vasu Rampal, who played a key role in the making of the album, lauded Laxmi-Vasant’s efforts in making each song sounds like it is tailor made for the diverse voices of Ustad Sultan Khan, Richa Sharma, Roop Kumar Rathod and other new singers. "It is an honour for upcoming talents to share an album with a great singer like Ustad Saab," he said.

Ustad Sultan Khan mesmerized the crowd with his rendition of the title track Piya Piya. The event was also graced by the legendry Pakhawaj player Shri Dayashankar.