Tips releases Punjabi pop album


MUMBAI: Tips Music has released a Punjabi pop album christened Gallan, a collective effort of Naveed, Ruble and Indi.

The trio which has formed itself into a band named N R I, hails from Kabul, Delhi and Punjab respectively.

There are 10 tracks in this album based on club track lyrics penned by Mastana Singh, Sharmila, Keshav and NRI. The tunes have been composed by NRI and Raghav and the songs sung by Amar Arshi, Sumit, Sarah, Lambhar Hussainpuri and N R I.

Gallan starts with the title song and continues with Aaja Nachle, Pyar Ho Gaya Ni, Ki Laina, Niki Jini Gal, Kudi Lehnga Pake Nache, West Line, Peg Sheg Laga Lo, Baithale and a Gallan song remixed.