YRF chops Aaja Nachle objectionable lyrics


MUMBAI: Post the issue raised by UP chief minister Mayawati on some objectionable lyrics in Yash Raj Films’ Aaja Nachle and the ban on the film for the same, the production house has apologised to the people whose sentiments have been hurt with the lyrics of one line in the title track of Aaja Nachle.

“It was not our intention to hurt anybody. We have taken immediate steps to rectify the damage caused and have instructed all our distributors and exhibitors to delete the objectionable words from the song as of last night,” said an official statement from Yash Raj Films.

Yash Raj Films chairman Yash Chopra said, “It was not our intention to hurt the feelings of any individual or community of our great nation. If we have inadvertently hurt the sentiments of anybody I apologise for the same and have taken immediate remedial action by deleting the line from the prints of Aaja Nachle from all over the country. This line has been deleted in all the theatres today. Yash Raj Films makes family oriented films and propagates Indian culture through them and would never do anything that is detrimental to the sentiments of our people.”

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