⁠⁠⁠Prabhas Took A Huge Risk For Baahubali!


Before you take a risk in your life your family and friends do warn you from doing so. That is what happened with Prabhas when he mentioned to his Folks that he won’t be doing any movies till he completes the shooting of Baahubali fully.

The film had broken all earlier set records in terms of box office numbers, most expensive film and brilliantly done VFX. Merely after the trailer release, the film became a sensation and a must watch for audiences.

Prabhas who has essayed the role of Baahubali in no time gained national popularity.

The actor has developed a huge fan following amongst audiences across all age groups especially kids who now have named Prabhas their superhero!

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The preparation’s that went behind transforming from Prabhas to Baahubali has equally been grueling for the actor! When his folks put in a word of also reading other film scripts that were coming along, Prabhas assured them that he would take something up only after the entire film shoot of Baahubali was done! This process has taken as many as 4 years of Prabhas‘ life and the actor had surrendered to The titular character completely.

During these years, the actor has invested the time in preparing for the character physically first and then shooting the prequel and the sequel to the film.

Meanwhile Prabhas‘s friends and family did alert him about the huge risk which would have cost the actor his career. Not doing a single movie for 4 years and that too at the peak of one’s career for just an individual project is a huge risk for any actor. Needless to say, Prabhas risk was surely worth it!

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