Bigg Boss 2: Neethu Rocks In The House


biggboss[tps_footer]When Neethu entered the Bigg Boss 2 house, one knew that there would be fireworks. Neethu had told Kiccha Sudeep in the opening episode of Bigg Boss Kannada Season 2, that she would explode if someone spoke about her putting on weight, seems to have kept her word.

Neethu, who shot to fame with Gaalipata, broke into tears after confrontation with actor Santosh Kumar in the very first episode, when the latter spoke about her gaining weight.

It all began with Santosh asking Neethu if she would join him when he works out at the gym in the house. This led her to flare up and shout at Santosh, saying he had no right to comment on her weight.

Later, she was chatting with Deepika Kamaiah, where she cried her heart out talking about how people don’t leave any situation to comment on her weight. She even said, “People invite me to their grihapraveshs and marriages and then ask me why I’ve put on weight when I’m eating. It is ridiculous. I have stopped going out, leave alone eating at functions. My problems are my own,” she said.

She even spoke about a producer from South who asked her, “Which place do you take your ration from? I also want to take the same rice to become like you. I told him he needed it, since he needed to grow taller.” said Neethu.

Much later, she was seen apologizing to Santosh for her showdown, who in turn apologized to Neethu for his words.

Wow!! This season seems fun.[/tps_footer]