Dhanush Reacts On Walking Out Of His Interview When Asked About SuchiLeaks


The Tamil actor and music director Dhanush was promoting his movie ‘Vellaiilla Pattadhari 2’ (VIP 2) when the incident took place.

While it is common practice for celebrities to leave midway of launches, press releases or telephonic interviews, Dhanush has shocked many with his actions.

Dhanush stormed out mid interview when the host asked him questions about his personal life. Especially about the Suchitra leaks which were shared on her twitter account. The interview was held at the Telegu TV channel – TV9 in promotion of the bilingual film. The host kept asking questions on the recent drug racket rumours and the unfortunate timing of the leaked videos by RJ Suchitra.

The clipping from the interview video shows him questioning the interviewer angrily in response to her comments. The actor retorted, ”Who said I went through mental agony?” and “Were there any videos?”

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The actor finally had enough and ripped the mic cord off and left the interview. His actions stunned everyone on sets and himself.

Later the ‘Kolaveri Di’ singer reflected on his actions and said, ”It was a silly of me, I am generally a calm person, but I did react in a way I shouldn’t have. My intention was clear. I didn’t want to answer the question. But the strong reaction was unwarranted. Actually, I have slept for two weeks since I was busy with my upcoming film. Looking back, I am also surprised at the way I reacted. I should have simply asked the journalist to move on to the next question”

The sequel ‘VIP2’ stars the Bollywood actress Kajol as the leading lady against Dhanush. She is a tough corporate boss with her employee Dhanush and the movie is said to be a romantic – comedy. The movie is helmed by Award winning director Soundarya Rajinikanth.

At a recent event, the actress told that she was excited about the film and that she had some Tamil dialogues as well. The star will be returning to South cinema after almost two decades with this action comedy film.

The movie was postponed once earlier but now will finally release in August.

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