Kamal Haasan To Get Arrested For Hosting Bigg Boss Tamil?


A fringe group has filed a complaint against the veteran actor Kamal Haasan for hosting Bigg Boss Tamil.

The veteran actor Kamal Haasan is hosting the Tamil version of the famous and equally controversial reality show Bigg Boss. But it seems that the actor has fallen into a trouble because of his work.

A fringe group of Tamil Nadu is not quite happy with him and the show. Hindu Makkal Katchi – a nationalistic Hindu party in Tamil Nadu has filed a complaint against him for hosting the show. The group has asked for a ban on the show. They have also demanded the arrest of the actor and all the participants of the show. According to the group, the show is completely against the Tamil culture and hence it is tarnishing its reputation.

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In a conversation with India Today, Chakrapani Maharaj of Hindu Mahasabha said, “Things shown in Bigg Boss are against the cultural value of India and no one who supports Indian culture will support this show. Earlier also Kamal Haasan has spoken against Mahabharat and Hindu culture, and we are sure that in future he will again speak something through this show that will hurt Hindu sentiments.”

He added on saying, “The participants are mouthing obscene statements and are acting 75 percent open. It is also derogative of Tamil culture and hurts the sentiments of seven crore Tamilians.”
He also said, “They should be arrested under law because they are hurting Tamil culture and the programme should be banned.”

Earlier in an interview with a Tamil channel, Kamal Haasan had sparked a controversy saying, “In Mahabharata, Panchali was used as a pawn while the men gambled. She was used as a collateral. And India is a country that respects and honours a book that revolves around men using a woman to gamble away as if she was a mere object.”

Bigg Boss Tamil went on air on June 25 on Star Vijay. It is actually the small screen debut of Kamal Haasan.