Marathi Films Raking In Big Moolah


marathi poster [tps_footer]There was time when regional films used to get step-fatherly treatment in comparison to Bollywood. Living under the shadow of big daddy, Bollywood isn’t an easy task. Yet slowly and steadily they have managed to make a mark and today are raking in big moolahs. Gone are those days, when only a certain section of the audience used to watch Marathi films. Today, even biggies are getting in. We analysed what changed.

Much has to do with the rising box officer returns of Marathi films. The content in such films have always received patronage from National Film Awards. Every year one or the other films secure an award. But it only recently started giving in huger commercial returns. Ravi Jadhav’s Time Pass is a simple romantic story but raked in nearly Rs. 5 crore in its first weekend. In three weeks, it had earned close to 31 crore. Duniyadaari too managed an astounding Rs. 25 crore which was unheard of for a regional film till then. Fandry too earned a decent 2.25 crore in its first week. Recently, Lai Bhari has clocked 20 crore in three days!

Another reason why regional cinema has improved further is their uncompromising nature towards the content. Even if they are cash-strapped, the makers in this part of India made films they believed in. Hence, you have Fandry and Balak Palak doing so well. Such is their commitment to their subject that now even Bollywood actors and producers are getting into.[/tps_footer]