Ram Gopal Verma’s New Muse


NaveenaNaveena02Naveena06Naveena05Naveena03Naveena04 [tps_footer]Bollywood’s maverick film maker Ram Gopal Verma is back with his next directorial venture Ice Cream 2, the movie is secednd installment to his former film Ice Cream. Ram Gopal Verma’s Ice Cream is surely considered a hit due to it’s profits and investment calculations, even after facing huge audience criticism.

Ice Cream however managed to reach it’s target audience and it’s mostly because of the horror content and the sexy heroine Tejaswi. The actress looked stunning in the latter movie.

Well, now we get to hear from the sources that a new babe Naveena has entered in B-town and Ram Gopal Verma‘s eyes din’t took much time to find this sexy beauty. Naveena has been roped i to play the leading protagonist for the sequel Ice Cream 2. 

Will Naveena too manage to garner attention due to her looks, just like the way Tejaswi did in Ice Cream ?. We can only just wait and watch for it to happen.[/tps_footer]