Telugu Actor Nandamuri Balakrishna Receives Flak For Derogatory Comments on Female Clan

Nandamuri-Balkrishna[tps_footer]Nandamuri Balakrishna is high on the popularity charts by all means. The actor who enjoys an enviable fan following has now surely lost loads of his fans due to his irresponsible comments on women. Balakrishna who is known as the sure shot hit actor of the Tollywood industry has received loads of flak for making an undignified comment on females.


Not only has his comment created uproar but even legal action has been taken against him by the activists. The incident took place at the audio launch event of the movie ‘Savitri’. During the interaction Nandamuri made a comment which was out of the context and derogatory by all means saying, “If I play eve-teasing roles, and just follow girls, my fans will not accept. Either a kiss should be given or they should be made pregnant. That’s all. We have to commit ourselves.”

Balakrishna who is equally known for his political aspect received loads of criticism for commenting so harshly against women. Many national platforms have taken up this issue. Being a public figure with loads of followers, Balakrishna’s comments were termed as unethical and vulgar.


Not only were the on lookers shocked by his sudden statement, but also the female actors on the platform were evidently uncomfortable with the same. However, after all the negativity received Nandamuri Balakrishna finally apologized and said that it his comment was only film centric and was not reflecting anything related to reality.

The irony is that after sending out an apology Nandamuri also wished women for International Women’s Day![/tps_footer]

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