Bang Bang Review: Lives Up To Expectations


Bang-BangWhen the director of films like ‘Hum Tum’ and ‘Salaam Namaste’ is given the reigns of remaking a mediocre Hollywood action movie (‘Knight and Day’), the result is ‘Bang Bang’. Siddharth Anand’s glossy, globe-trotting film sells itself on its gorgeous lead actors (Hrithik Roshan and Katrina Kaif), inflated budget, a couple of showpiece dance numbers (Roshan rocks) and a couple of ‘wow’ action scenes (especially the one in the water).

The Bollywood version is quite different from the original, besides the central plot idea of a slick agent teaming up with a hapless innocent girl after a meet-cute in a Shimla restaurant and a few scenes. Roshan plays Rajveer who has apparently stolen the coveted Kohinoor diamond and is now trying to out-fox

Omar, an international criminal played by Danny Denzongpa. Harleen (Kaif) works as a bank receptionist, eating tubs of ice cream in bed while dreaming of exotic holidays and romance. An online arranged blind date results in her path crossing with Rajveer. This sets them off on a global adventure as they try and escape the bullets of Omar’s men and the Indian secret service.

During this journey love blooms and eventually the truth about the Kohinoor and Rajveer’s plan is revealed. The story is wafer-thin. The onscreen antics barely pop. Yes, there are a few laughs and boy, can Roshan dance. But besides the eye-candy the film lacks bang.

Pavan Malhotra, Javed Jaffery and Vikram Gokhale pitch in with fittingly exaggerated performances making you wonder at times if Anand intended to make a spoof!

But it hardly matters. You have Roshan and Kaif. You have Roshan displaying all this fluid dance moves. You have armchair traveled to Prague, Abu Dhabi, Thailand, London and more. Did one expect more? It’s always something when a film lives up to expectations.

Rating: **1/2