Film Review: Gang Of Ghosts – A Workshop On How To Ruin A Cult Film

GOG Cover PicAn Official re-make of a Bengali film Bhooter Bhabishyat, Satish Kaushik‘s Gang Of Ghosts had all the potential of becoming a laugh riot but then it just fell flat and how.

The script of Bhooter Bhabishyat and that of Gang Of Ghosts are completely poles apart, completely misinterpret and just all over the place.

Gang Of Ghosts is all about a group of ghosts battling the growing urbanization of Mumbai city and trying to save the mansion they inhabit from getting demolished to construct a giant mall.

In the Bengali film Bhooter Bhabishyat, all the characters are enduring and the humour is something that you will enjoy even if one does not understand the language. However, with it’s Hindi re-make, Gang Of Ghosts, even though the characters are the same, they are stereotypical, the humour is buzzer which will hardly make you laugh and at the end of it all we get to see a film that has full of caricatures and below the belt humour.

Mahie Gill and debutant Meera Chopra have no better work than to expose, Yashpal Sharma refuses to discard his army fatigues Saurabh Shukla still wants to have all the sweets he can and Rajpal Yadav still loves to cook.

Anupam Kher tries hard to salvage the situation with his acting but poor lines and lack of proper direction mars his performance on many levels and Sharman Joshi has hardly anything to do in the film.

The only good scenes are between Parambrata Chattopadhyay, who reprises his role in the remake and Sharman Joshi, who plays the narrator.

These ghosts interact with each other and converse in a medley of jokes that are related to the film industry hardly make you smile.

I have still not understood one thing – if the maker’s copy from the original scene by scene, how did Gang Of Ghosts end up becoming such a poor remake?

Ratings: * ½

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