Film Review: Kuku Mathur Ki Jhand Ho Gayi – A Jhand Film


jhand mainIt’s immature, It’s tacky and It boasts of a half baked script. Well we are talking about Kuku Mathur Ki Jhand Ho Gayi.

Kuku Mathur Ki Jhand Ho Gayi stars newcomers Siddharth Gupta, Ashish Juneja, Simran Kaur Mundi, Pallavi Batra and Brijendra Kala and has opened to mediocre word of mouth.

Kuku Mathur Ki Jhand Ho Gayi is directed by Aman Sachdeva and jointly produced by Ekta Kapoor and Bejoy Nambiar. It is set in Delhi and the story line focuses on friendship.

Kuku Mathur (Siddharth Gupta) lives with his strict father who has scholarly ambitions for him, but Kuku dreams of opening his own restaurant. On the other hand, Ronnie (Ashish Juneja) is more easy going and street smart.

Both the boys love drinking fruit beer and making sand castles all the time. Post his twelfth grade; Kuku Mathur lands a spot boy’s job in a shady film unit after much struggle. Meanwhile, Ronnie gets so busy in his family blouse piece business that he snubs his buddy.

Funny situations and scenes provide clean humour but that can’t substitute for the lack of a good, engaging story and very mediocre screenplay. The film lacks storyline and disappoints despite having some hilarious dialogues.

Kuku Mathur Ki Jhand Ho Gayi starts dragging and loses the fizz somewhere midway. A few more nuances, tighter editing and more polished jokes could have saved the film but then they were just not there. Looks like the entire team worked hard on all the departments except for the script.

Off the star cast, the boys; Siddharth Gupta and Ashish Juneja are not that bad and the girls Simran Kaur Mundi and Pallavi Batra are nothing but showpieces.

All said and done the only good part about the film is its title Kuku Mathur Ki Jhand Ho Gayi. Watch it only if you have nothing better to do.

Ratings: **