Review: All Is Well-Not At All!


All-IS-Well-13Sometimes you watch a film and think: this must have been a good script. It helps you understand why certain actors sign such films. All Is Well is not one of those films. On the contrary the story, screenplay and dialogues are so irritating and vacuous you wonder how the Umesh Shukla, the director of Oh My God could have written and directed both these films. Rishi Kapoor might have been happy to take on a character he has reinvented numerous times now – the crotchety Punjabi father. Supriya Pathak does not have do or say much which makes this a fairly easy part for her, as she sits benignly at the back of a car, the long-suffering mother watching her husband and son at loggerheads with each other.

Inder (Bachchan) leaves home for Bangkok where he tries his hand at becoming a big singer and star. He leaves his father Bhalla (Kapoor) and his whimpering bakery to struggle along in small town Himachal Pradesh. His departure breaks his mother Pammi’s (Pathak) heart, sending her health into a decline.

But when a local moneylender Chima (Mohammed Zeeshan Ayub) offers Inder the chance to make a little money by selling the floundering bakery, Inder returns but with selfish intentions and a massive chip on his shoulder. For some reason, his friend Nimmi (Asin) who is madly in love with him, ditches her own wedding to tag along with Inder’s family as they chase around Himachal looking for some family jewels and avoiding Chima and his gang. This despite Inder having made it plain that he has no intentions of marrying her.

The title only suggests that all will be well with the Bhalla family in the end. But by the time have encountered incompetent cops, an item number, sleazy record producers, money hungry relatives and a middle aged wedding, all is not well with the audience or the experience.

Rating: *

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