REVIEW: ‘Delhi Safari’ – Indian Animation Is Finally Coming Of Age

A still from movie 'Delhi Safari'
A still from movie 'Delhi Safari'
A still from movie ‘Delhi Safari’

Indian animation is finally coming of age. Director Nikhil Advani and the team of animators at Krayon Pictures has put time, energy, passion and 3D technology into ensuring that their family entertainer is of a standard thus far not seen in India.

In this heartfelt story, a group of animals from Sanjay Gandhi National Park are trying to find a way of protecting their natural habitat under threat from urbanization, encroachment and deforestation.

A motley group led by leopard cub Yuvi (Swini Khara), Bajrangi the monkey (Govinda), Bagga the bear (Boman Irani) and a talking parrot (Akshaye Khanna) unite to take their message to the Prime Minister. Thus begins their Delhi safari. Advani and co-writers Suresh Nair and Girish Dhamija use music (one song too many), humour, adventure and conflict to convey a message of great contemporary importance.

The use of star voices, as opposed to dubbing artists, adds an interesting layer to the film and brings alive the onscreen characters.

It takes the screenplay a while to get to the point — and to Delhi, resorting to a few gimmicks along the way.

Yet for its sincerity in tackling the man vs. nature issue, for the impressive animation and 3D use, Delhi Safari is a recommended watch for adults and kids.

Rating: ***

Trailer: Delhi Safari

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