Tweet Review: ‘World War Z’ – Does The Zombie Movie Live Up to The Genre?

We weigh in on 'World War Z' by checking out reactions, reviews and the buzz on Twitter.
Brad Pitt’s new movie ‘World War Z’ sees him battling hordes of zombies. The brainless, mindless creatures have invaded the word and it is up to Brad Pitt to stop them. But is the film any good? Does it manage to scare you enough?
There was a lot of news sometime ago about how the production of ‘World War Z’ was troubled, due to fights with the director Marc Foster and rewrites when the film was being shot. But this does not matter if the film stands as one solid piece of work. Let us look at a few tweets from people on Twitter to gauge the early reactions to ‘World War Z’.
First, let us look at the expectations people have from ‘World War Z’.
‘World War Z’ is a zombie movie, so horror, gore and blood is expected. But the film has tried to achieve a U rating which means there may not be much blood on screen. Also, Brad Pitt assures some great acting, and the scale of the film looks epic. So some blockbuster action is guaranteed. The promotions of the film have kept the zombie aspect of the movie to a bare minimum, so much so that few people are not even aware of ‘World War Z’ being a zombie film.
‘World War Z’ is based on a book of the same name by Max Brooks. Unfortunately there are many who have seem to taken the “book is better than the movie” idiom to heart.

Though there are a few who feel that the film stands on its own feet and that it is good, maybe even the best movie of the summer.

It also looks like Brad Pitt has single-handedly played the hero in ‘World War Z’.

On the other hand, the film does have it downsides.

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