Welcome Back Review: Unwelcome Return


Welcome-BackNana Patekar and Anil Kapoor are back as Uday and Manju in Welcome Back , except in this sequel they now played reformed gangsters desperately trying to stay on the straight and narrow. Neither of these aging thugs has ever been wed and suddenly they both fall in love with the same young woman. It’s creepy to see these 50-something men skipping along and getting google-eyed at a skimpily dressed 20-something (Ankita Srivastava).

Paresh Rawal also returns as Dr. Ghungroo. Just as Uday learns that he has another stepsister who he must find a suitable boy for, Ghungroo discovers that his wife has a son from a previous marriage. Overnight Ghungroo acquires a grown up stepson Ajoo Bhai (John Abraham), who also happens to be a feared goon.

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Uday’s stepsister Ranjana (Shruti Haasan) wants to marry Ajoo/Ajay, but the most feared gangster Wanted bhai’s (Naseeruddin Shah) son Honey (Shiny Ahuja) also wants to marry Ranjana. Uday and Majnu both want to marry the Rajkumari and the maharani (Dimple Kapadia) just her daughter to marry the man with the most money.

Most of the action unfolds in garish locations in Dubai with each frame including every colour of the rainbow. The climax takes place in the middle of the desert with camel stampede’s, computer controlled mini-helicopters and a sandstorm as the ensemble finally invokes god to save them. I found myself doing the same.

Besides one fairly well executed scene in a graveyard, this is a puerile effort that’s an unwelcome assault.

Rating: *1/2

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