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Top 11: Bollywood’s Secret Marriages

These Bollywood celebrities were ones who had highly secret ceremonies away from all the hustle and bustle.

Meet Anaika Soti, Ram Gopal Varma’s New Girl From ‘Satya 2’!

Ram Gopal Varma has been known to introduce new actresses through his film. With 'Satya 2', he introduces Anaika Soti.

“Jagdish Mali Was The Pioneer Of Celebrity Photography”

Yesterday, veteran celebrity photographer and photojournalist Jagdish Mali was cremated at Shivaji Park, in Dadar. The last rites were performed by his daughter, actress Antara Mali.

Celebrity Photographer Jagdish Mali Passes Away

Famous photographer, Jagdish Mali, who transformed the glitterati of Bollywood with his lens, and captured some of the most glamourous images, passed away this morning.

Who Needs Help? Salman Khan Questions Antara Mali

Bollywood superstar Salman Khan has lashed out at Antara Mali, the daughter of veteran celebrity photographer Jagdish Mali. But the Mali family and friends have a whole different version to say.

Salman Khan Steps Up To Rescue Jagdish Mali

Jagdish Mali, Bollywood's noted photographer was recently rescued off the streets with the help of Salman Khan and Mink Brar.