Who Needs Help? Salman Khan Questions Antara Mali


MUMBAI: Bollywood superstar Salman Khan has lashed out at Antara Mali, the daughter of veteran celebrity photographer Jagdish Mali.

Recently, the noted lens man was reportedly spotted lost and disoriented in a semi-nude condition in the Mumbai suburbs. Reports suggest that Mali was recognized by ‘Bigg Boss 6’ contestant Mink Brar.

Mink apparently tried contacting Mali’s daughter, Antara Mali, but allegedly the former actress was too busy with her new born baby and couldn’t help. Finally Mink reached out to actor Salman Khan for help. The superstar sent over cars and people to get Mali in safe conditions.

“When I got the message, I contacted a few people. To help someone is simple,” said Salman at the launch of the Being Human’s first store in Mumbai.

According to reports, Jagdish is a diabetic and relies on insulin injections to stay fit. When he forgets his insulin shot, he gets disoriented. Antara Mali is very miffed with the accusations flying out at her of ‘not being there’.

“This may happen once in six months, the rest of the time he’s fully functioning and normal. This is what happened that evening. This may be a publicity stunt by someone trying to capitalise on his ill health and has accomplished nothing but damage a 35-year-old glorious career. We don’t need anybody’s help,” said Antara in an interview.

Salman Khan, known to be a family man, didn’t seem to take too kindly to Antara’s response. He said, “Your father is seen walking in a semi-nude condition completely disoriented, in a Mumbai suburb and you are saying that he doesn’t need help… You tell me then who needs help?”

But the Mali family and friends have a whole different version to say:

Filmmaker Ashoke Pandit, a close friend of the family says, “This is so wrong! We’re shocked at the lengths people go to just to get publicity. What is Mink Brar talking about? Jaggu (Jagdish) is not a crazed-out wanderer on the streets. We don’t know what she saw, or rather didn’t see. All we know is someone somewhere misinformed the press.”

“He suffers from the normal ailments at that age. So what? That doesn’t make him a nutcase wandering on the streets. I meet him regularly. And would we his friends and family allow him to wander on the streets if he was really unwell? Jaggu is in shorts most of the time. He lives an austere life. He hasn’t touched a drop of alcohol for the past 15 years,” added Pandit.

The Mali family now is reportedly planning to send a legal notice to Mink Brar. “What she has done is wrong. It is very unfair to Jaggu and his daughter Antara. She is a good daughter. She takes good care of her father. We are taking legal action against Ms.Brar for serving up misinformation to the media for her own interest. You can’t do this to someone who defined glam-journalism in the 1970s just because he is no longer in demand,” concluded Pandit.